Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics

Index of Volume 5 Number 4

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Fall 2010

Editorial: Theory applied to informatics – Novice to Expert

by June Kaminski, RN, MSN, PhD(c), Editor in Chief

Technology in Education Column

Methods of Teaching and Learning

by Dr. Sandra Bassendowski


Nurse-Patient Email Communication: Comprehensive Guidelines

by Jacqueline Grenon, RN, BScN

Where is Nursing Informatics in Undergraduate Nursing Education?

by Thomas Pilarski, RN, BA, BScN, MN(c)

Impacts of Clinical Decision Support Technology on Nursing and Medical Practice in U.S. Critical Care

by Scott Weber, EdD, PhD-c, FACHE, FHIMSS


National Institutes of Health Informatics

NIHI is a virtual, self sustaining institute of institutes operating under the concept of an academic Community of Practice. NIHI serves as a co-ordinator and facilitator that assists in defining, fostering the development of, and bonding together local Health Informatics (HI) initiatives in academia and industry dedicated to HI research.


Issues are published at the end of each season. Deadlines for submissions include:

  • Winter 2011 Issue – deadline January 31st
  • Spring 2011 Issue – deadline April 30th
  • Summer 2011 Issue – deadline July 31st
  • Fall 2011 Issue – deadline September 30th

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