Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics

Index of Volume 9 Numbers 1 & 2

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Winter – Spring 2014



Editorial: The continued evolution of CJNI

by June Kaminski, RN, MSN, PhD(c), Editor in Chief

Technology in Education Column

Possibilities with Photographs

by Dr. Sandra Bassendowski

Featured Article

Technology Integration in Undergraduate Traditional Nursing Programs: Students Online Testing Experience

by Priscilla O. Okunji, Ph.D., RN-BC and Mary H. Hill, DSN., RN.

Featured Article

A concept analysis from a nursing perspective

by Jeff Reed, RN BScN

Featured Article

Towards an Empirical Definition of Graduate School Healthcare Informatics

by Thomas Virgona, PhD

Featured Article

Plugging Into Nursing Informatics: Preparation, Practice, and Beyond

by Sherrie-Ann Camilli RN, BScN

Featured Article

Moving the Discussion Online: Asynchronous Discussion for Clinical Post-Conference in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program

by Melanie Neumeier, RN MN and Sandra Small, RN MScN, PhD, CRE



Nursing Informatics Teachnig Toolkit: Supporting the Integration of the CASN Nursing Informatics Competencies into Nursing Curricula



Issues are published at the end of each season. Deadlines for submissions include:

  • Summer 2014 Issue – deadline July 31st
  • Fall 2014 Issue – deadline September 30th
  • Winter 2015 Issue – deadline January 31st
  • Spring 2015 Issue – deadline April 30th


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