Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics

Index of Volume 7 Number 4

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Fall 2012


Nursing Faculty E-Health Award 2012

by June Kaminski, RN, MSN, PhD(c), Editor in Chief

Mobile Technology Column

Should Nurse Educators Include Smart Phones and Apps in Curriculum?

by Jeanette Centeno

Featured Study

Pilot Evaluation of a Virtual Clinical Excursion (VCE) Among Senior Nursing Students: Part 2: Qualitative Perspectives and Learning Styles

by Loretta Secco, RN PhD, Donna Bulman, RN, PhD & Kathy Wilson, RN, PhD.

Featured Study

Returns to Patient Safety Evidenced through Infusion

by Michelle Santos, BScN, RN, Tim Hoh, BScPhm & John Soliven-Llaguno, BHScN, RN, NMD, PhD

Featured Study

Factors Affecting Nurses’ Attitudes Toward an Automated Dispensing Unit: A Cross Sectional Quantitative Study

by Lyndsay Mather, BA, Heather Molyneaux, PhD, Annette Lebouthillier, Lise Guerrette-Daigle, RN MBA, Suzanne Robichaud, RH BHSc, Gaetane Leblanc-Cormier, RN, Susan O’Donnell, PhD, Helene Fournier, PhD, Pascal Sirois, BA


Digital Health Modules for Nursing Education from CASN


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