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Opening Keynote Speaker Juliette Powell

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How Social Networking can help build Successful Organizations

Juliette opened the Conference on November 23, 2009 with her excellent address, entitled: “How Social Networking can help build Successful Organizations”. Juliette has a deep knowledge of the people and technologies at the forefront of social media, and has gained a solid reputation for discovering the latest developments and distilling their social and business implications. Powell’s 2009 book, 33 Million People in the Room: How to Create, Influence and Run a Successful Business with Social Networking is a critical success.

A fluently bilingual anglophone Montrealer, Powell made history when she became the first black Miss Canada in 1989 and then represented her country in the Miss Universe Pageant before embarking on her career in television. She worked as a VJ for MusiquePlus and MuchMusic in the 90s, and was also a business reporter for CablePulse 24.

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There are also several videos on YouTube featuring Juliette’s great ideas, including the one featured below.

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