Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics

Index of Volume 17 Number 3-4

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Index of Volume 17 Number 3-4

Summer – Fall 2022


 Theory applied to informatics – Socio-Technical Theory

By June Kaminski, RN, MSN, PhD(c), Editor in Chief

Nurse Developer Column

Nursing Innovation and Open Source License

By Raymund John Ang, RN, MAN, PhD St

Trends & Issues in Nursing Informatics Column

Personal Health Information at Your Fingertips: The Growing Pains and Possibilities of a Patient Portal

By Melanie Neumeier, RN MN

Featured Papers

Virtual Practicum Role Immersion During a Global Pandemic: Meeting the Informatics Scope & Standards Through Innovative Technology Use [Poster]

By Marcia Bergfeld, DNP, MSN, RN-BC

A Three-Step Method to Identify Key Nursing Indicators to Evaluate the Impact of Integrated Bedside Terminals on Patient Care: A Collaboration Between Clinicians and Researchers

By Félix Prophète, DÉPA, Ève Bourbeau-Allard, MSI, MA, Marc-André Reid, RN, MSc(c), Isabelle Caron, MScN, Dr. Christina Clausen, RN, PhD, Dr. Margaret Purden, RN, PhD

Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations: Application to Asynchronous Nursing Education

By Laura Vogelsang RN, PhD(c)

Nurse’s Contributions to Collaborative Problem Solving, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at virtual MIT Hackathons During the Covid-19 Pandemic

By Kelly Ayala, DNP, APNP, BSN, Olga Kagan, PhD, RN, Joshua Littlejohn, MPH, MSN, RN, Rebecca Koszalinski, PhD, MS, BSN, RN, CRRN, Hiyam Nadel, MBA, RN, CCG

Impact of Wearable Devices in Mental Health and Quality of Life

By Joseph S. Alipio, RN, Maria Claire Bautista, RN, Gold Mendoza RN, Roison Andro Narvaez MSN RN, Marieta Sudaypan, RN, Ralph Antonio Peco, MSN RN


Digital Skills for Today and Tomorrow: Perspectives From Canadian Employers and Industry Leaders

This new issue briefing from the Conference Board of Canada provides an introduction to the digital skills that Canadian businesses need to flourish post COVID pandemic.

“To ensure that Canadian businesses succeed in an increasingly digital future, it is critical that we better understand the digital skills that employers need today to help predict and prepare for what is needed in the future” (Hutchison, 2022, p. 10).

View Report

Hutchison, Jane. (2022). Digital Skills for Today and Tomorrow: Perspectives from Canadian Employers and Industry Leaders. The Conference Board of Canada.


Issues are published at the end of each season. Deadlines for submissions include:

  • Winter 2023 Issue – deadline January 31st
  • Spring 2023 Issue – deadline April 30th
  • Summer 2023 Issue – deadline July 31st
  • Fall 2023 Issue – deadline October 1st


CJNI. (2022). Index of Volume 17 Number 3-4. Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics, 17(3-4).

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