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This article was written on 20 Sep 2011, and is filled under Volume 6 2011, Volume 6 No 3.

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Nursing Informatics: Applications as Follow-Up Care

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Our newest column on mobile technologies and applications (Apps) is written by Jeanette Centeno a nurse at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in New Jersey and currently works in the Spinal Cord Unit. This facility is well known for its innovative rehab and nursing care.

By Jeanette Centeno

            In the amazing world of nursing, we no longer just rely on in-house visits, education, and follow-up. Nursing has transcended into a multidimensional profession with ties to social media and mobile applications (Apps) for care. For nurses, this provides us with many rewards and challenges, including, different ways to communicate and educate the public.

This technological development has revolutionized nursing and many patients will benefit. For instance, an elderly patient suffering from rheumatoid arthritis will require education, monitoring, and continuous exercise and physical therapy. A nursing informatics specialist can help guide the patient and provide the best information. There are numerous health related and medical Apps available, but the best should be provided for the patient.

Blue Whale App Development has gained a reputation for being the best in the business and provides applications that can serve the needs of patients. Motion Doctor, designed by Chief Technology Officer, Andy Averbuch, is currently number two in medical application popularity. The iPad application has 60 high quality instructional videos that can teach and reinforce many exercises learned during rehabilitation care. Bob Caucci, owner of Conshhocken Physical Therapy, worked along side Blue Whale Development to create an App that will focus on prevention of pain, provide a source of information for the public and other options.

Motion Doctor

Motion Doctor ipad App

The unfortunate rise of healthcare cost, poor medical management, and follow-up care, has prompted the public to seek alternatives. The use of Applications will continue to grow and nurses must embrace technology to provide the best care to patients.

A Nursing Informatics Specialist will have the crucial role of IT Specialist, teacher, co-worker, and assistant. Constructing educational in-service programs can be of great value to staff nurses. These can help nurses learn about  Apps and their usefulness in patient education and quality care.  Furthermore, he/she will have to evaluate the patients for any learning deficits and guide them to better health. Since Motion Doctor aims to give patients various options, a customized program can be designed for the patient. The role of Nursing Informatics will continue to evolve with challenges and opportunities; however, we must remember that patient safety comes first. Ensuring that patients have access to the best  Apps available  is a step in the right direction.

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