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This article was written on 20 Mar 2016, and is filled under Volume 11 2016, Volume 11 No 1.

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Discharge Planning In the Age of Technology

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Our column on mobile technologies and applications (Apps) is written by Jeanette Centeno a nurse at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in New Jersey and currently works in the Spinal Cord Unit. This facility is well known for its innovative rehab and nursing care.

By Jeanette Centeno, RN


Discharge PlanningAs part of the health care team, nurses need to attune to their patients’ needs to make sure that the transition between hospital and home goes smoothly, especially since the burden of care falls to either the patient or family members. Key factors play a role in discharge planning, and education is essential to facilitate a successful transition.

Studies have shown that elders have a reduction in readmission if a patient has an effective discharge plan and proper education. For instance, a patient who is a brittle diabetic may feel more empowered if he/she is given not just education but tools to help track information. Smart phones have ideally bridged the gap in follow-up care by providing tools and easy access to information.

Three top APPS for iPhone and Android for diabetics include:

  • Diabetes Logbook– Easy to read and use to help diabetics make healthy food choices. (Free)

  • Calorie Counter PRO – food logging features to track weight and count calories. ($5.49 iPhone; Free Android)

  • mySugr Diabetes Logbook– designed for type1 & 2 diabetes, quick easy login, daily, weekly, and monthly analysis and much more. (Free)

If a patient is struggling with high or low blood pressure, there are APPS that can help track trends and alert the patient to inform their doctor. Patients with blood pressure issues can easily monitor changes and make healthy decisions that impact their health.

Two user-friendly blood pressure APPS include:

  • Blood Pressure Companion– provides a blood pressure, heart rate, and weight tracker. Calculates readings, shows statistics, charts measurements, and alerts you of doctor visits and much more. (Free)

  • Blood Pressure Lite– graphs, collects, and tracks blood pressure changes.

Thus, discharge planning can reduce the amount of readmissions if the proper tools are given. Teaching a patient is important but empowering them and giving them the tools that they can use to care for themselves is priceless.


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