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This article was written on 20 Dec 2007, and is filled under Volume 2 2007, Volume 2 No 4.

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Plenary Keynote Speaker

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DAY THREE: Wed October 3rd, 2007

Electronic Health Record:
A Vision from a First Nations Perspective

Dr. Valerie Gideon

Senior Director of Health and Social Development, Assembly of First Nations, Ottawa

Dr. Valerie Gideon

First Nations’ interest in adopting electronic media to support health care services delivery has been greatly enhanced over the last decade. This past spring, the Assembly of First Nations has been successful in acquiring Phase 0 support from CIHI to explore First Nations client registries as the key element in seeding the EHR for First Nations.

This presentation outlined an overview of past challenges, current opportunities and the First Nations’ strategic vision for engagement in federal, provincial, territorial, and First Nations’ community-based EHRs, consistent with self-government and institutional development.

View Part 1 (5:26 mins)
View Part 2 (2:15 mins)
View Part 3 (35:04 mins)
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