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This article was written on 20 Dec 2007, and is filled under Volume 2 2007, Volume 2 No 4.

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Closing Keynote Speaker

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DAY THREE: Wed October 3rd, 2007

Margaret Trudeau

Celebrated Canadian and Mental Health Advocate

Margaret Trudeau

Margaret Trudeau became the youngest Prime Minister’s wife in Canadian history when she married Pierre Elliot Trudeau at the age of 22. She has led a rich and interesting life by raising five children and traveling the country and the world extensively. Margaret has authored two books, “Beyond Reason” and “Consequences”.

For all her adult life, Margaret Trudeau has suffered from the debilitating effects of her bipolar condition. Now, after seeking medical treatment that has given her life balance and happiness, she advocates strongly on mental health issues, helping people overcome the stigma of mental illness that often prevents sufferers from getting help. She is working with The Royal Ottawa Hospital to raise funds for their new hospital and raise public awareness of mental health issues.

Margaret has wonderful stories to tell and a strong, clear message on the importance of finding balance of mind, body, and spirit.

View Part 1 (5:43 mins)
View Part 2 (15:19 mins)
View Part 3 (21:49 mins)
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