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Plenary Speaker Dr Lynn Nagle

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Notes on Nursing for the Future

Dr Lynn Nagle is a Canadian Nursing Informatics Expert, Founding President of CNIA and Former Senior Nursing Advisor, Canada Health Infoway provided an excellent presentation entitled “Notes on Nursing for the Future”.

Lynn is a strategic and visionary leader in nursing and health informatics. She is the President of Nagle & Associates Inc. specializing in clinical systems implementation and evaluation, clinical engagement, clinical practice transformation, EHR strategic planning, health informatics education and curriculum integration of health informatics content.

Dr Nagle is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and Professor of Clinical Nursing at the University of Rochester, teaching Masters and Doctoral courses in Informatics and Change Management. Lynn engages people by her genuine passion and commitment to the health informatics agenda. She has expert knowledge of the intersection of the business, technology and humanity of health care delivery. She brings clarity to issues and communicates in a way that is both accessible and inspirational.

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