Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics

Index of Volume 16 Number 3-4

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Summer-Fall 2021


 Theory applied to informatics: DIKW Theory

By June Kaminski, RN, MSN, PhD(c), Editor in Chief

Software Column

App misinformation

By Allen McLean, RN, MN, MSc, PhD(c)

Nurse Developer Column

Building Applications Using Low-Code and No-Code Platforms

By Raymund John Ang, RN, MAN

Featured Articles

The Conti Ransomware Attack on Healthcare in Ireland: Exploring the impacts of a Cybersecurity Breach from a Nursing Perspective

By Margaret Moran Stritch RGN, BSN, Michael Winterburn MSc, BSc, NCFM, and Frank Houghton PhD, MPHe, MA, MSc, MA, BA(Hons)

It’s Not Like Pages in a Book: Changing Nurses’ Perception of Electronic Health Record

By Michelle C. Danda MN MPN RN CPMHN(C)

Nurses’ readiness for informatics competency in Afghanistan: A quantitative study

By Dr. Alaattin Parlakkilic & Dr. Volkan Saribas


Advancing an Essential Clinical Data Set in Canada
from Canadian Nurses Association

This infographic from the Canadian Nurses Association shows how standardized data provides value to patients, clinicians and administrators. The use of evidence-based clinical data standards ensures the collection of consistent, comparable clinical information from patients. Standardized data provides value to patients, clinicians and administrators and helps improve the health-care system. Standardized clinical data can support accountability by providing information that highlights effective care and reveals opportunities for improvement.


Issues are published at the end of each season. Deadlines for submissions include:

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  • Fall 2022 Issue – deadline October 1st, 2022

Citation: CJNI. (2021). Index of Volume 16 Number 3-4. Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics, 16(3-4).

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